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With Ning Builder powerful multipurpose template

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Let our team of creative and multifaceted producers help bring your visions for film, music and more to life. 
Take your art to the next step! by bringing your music to the crowd. We can provide you with access to events around NYC
We offer our customers a variety of coding services, which help them create perfectly working websites.

Musical Services

Studio Recording
Our team can handle all of the needs you require from a recording and production standpoint to get your song right.
Song Placements
Gaining good contacts in our industry is a key factor. Utilize us to get your song played around NY.
Ning Builder offers increased flexibility, allowing you to customize your website the way you want.
Video and Photography
All our templates are fully responsive and can be displayed on any device, from PC to smartphone or tablet.
Banner Promotions
Advertise your music, films ,and other projects on our platforms with banner ads.
Tell your story through radio, social media, and televised on-air appearances. You can intrique people to your work and increase your fan base.

For over 15 years BxRecords has been an Artists one-stop shop

working with developing and seasoned artists alike, we are a place where artists can network, showcase their work, be challenged and find services to promote their art to the masses.

We believe building a community that helps to create, foster, and energize powerful and motivated musicians striving towards the next level is our main goal.

Whether it’s helping you create artistic social media content, writing, recording, rehearsing or cultivating your artistry; whatever you do BXRecords helps you take it to the next level.

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