Sho-Time Battle League: State of Emergency


Its nice to get back to music since this pandemic is dying down and this event offered much-needed entertainment and excitement.  The event is named ‘State Of Emergency” another event arranged by the Sho-Time Battle League, this time held in the borrows of BxRecords. All the Battlers and Performers were on deck and ready for a night of sanitizer, March cool air, and variable Covid Masks. As Noela G opens the night with a growing energy that can be felt.

The Battles of the Night included Money L vs. Slick Talk, Banko vs. Monsta Meezy, and solo performances such as those of Royal Highness and Sade. Highlights included Premonitions vs. Bobby T, which brought a much-needed spark of energy and excitement to the night, with Premonitions and Bobby Ts' raps enticing the audience.

Another unforgettable battle was between Stack Daniels vs. Skeems at the start of the event, which captivated the audience and built the atmosphere for the remaining acts.


Battle Table 
Bobby T vs Premonition Meek Vs Banko Washy Wash vs Shedy Stone
Money L vs Slick Talk Skeem vs Stack Daniels Bagz da Ryda vs IGOBYKU

Overall, the event was a memorable one. Karine Sho-Time Thornton and his colleagues continue to perform tirelessly in honing their craft and providing top-notch support in the advertising business, even as the pandemic unfolds.

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