Konami enraged the gaming community when they removed all trace of visionary director Hideo Kojima from their history back in 2015. Kojima’s departure from the company was so hostile that he was banned from making an appearance at the Game Awards of that year; the year he won the “Best Action Game” award for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima was banned because his name was removed from the MGS: V before the game was even released and placed ads for a new game director to replace Kojima before Kojima officially left the company.

Adding more fuel to the fire was the announcement of Metal Gear Survive‘s announcement in December of 2016. Not only does this game stray far from the themes of previous Metal Gear titles, but it centers heavily on fighting nano-bot powered zombies; something Kojima himself has wanted to do in the past.

Despite all the backlash from Kojima’s devout followers, Konami released a new gameplay trailer ahead of the game’s open beta phase. Taking place between Metal Gear Solid: Ground Heroes and The Phantom Pain,  we see a more basic style of cinematics from the Metal Gear series on top of the core concepts of gameplay: weapon crafting and usage, the types of enemy zombies and development of base camp (a smaller, yet similar version of Mother Base). There are some elements of story involved, yet a game like this is practically devoid of any story (as most zombie-related games are).

Metal Gear Survive enters open beta January 18-21 and will be released on February 20.

Check out the trailer below:

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