Bx Versus: Poetry Battle



This battle was created because creativity comes in all shapes, forms, sizes, colors, flavors, etc…  The Team asked, Why not integrate the idea that “a picture is worth a thousand words” in this poetry battle?  Well, that’s how this battle series was formed.  Using the unique artistry of Shey Nefeteria @raveledinblessings, her perspectives through painting became a focal point of the battles. Poets had to formulate a poem from the vibes the paint portrayed in Shey’s Art.  She has a whole collection of wonderful paintings making it hard to choose but we eventually narrowed it down.



            Hannibal took this painting to another level, focusing on the vibrant orange, red, and yellow paint colors that connected with his sense of fire.  He took the theme of Fire and Brimstone referencing a biblical story that dealt with the “consuming fire” and the idea of “looking back.”  He also seemed to incorporate past and present pains—not knowing what lies ahead when the man above is angry.

      Tone’s poem connected with the road and the stoplights in the painting.  He went with the theme of the “Journey of Success”. He pointed out that it’s not an easy road and there will be disappointments and discouragements along the way.  He also came to a realization as he was writing this poem that the “journey of success” is less a traveled road because of the unknown of what’s coming ahead but encourages that each step draws you closer. There were ideas in this poem that could have reached another level if it was stated in a more poetical way maybe using figurative language or various other poetical techniques. 

      Alisha focuses on the absence of a face and concentrates on the dress in this painting.  Expressing the theme of Fitting In, she uses the thought of having no facial expressions (which relates to being neutral) and having to “dress to impress” when she’d rather be dressed comfortably.  She states that being a Queen isn’t easy because of the many contradictions in the world like not being able to be yourself and/or express your emotions. 

      Bri Christi focuses on the theme “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder but only if it fits certain societal standards.  She points out that despite those standards your features are invaluable.  She stresses that you will see many whom so called fit the societal standards, often have to mutate their body in order keep up.  You possess natural beauty… the irony of it all. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

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