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A little Gospel and X-rated Candy


There was no regular tea served on this week’s Tea with Chyna. The confident Bronx native, Y. Millz brought his creative energy and drive to the tearoom and please leave your reservations at the door as Pornographic Star Mandy Candy left no details out.

Mandy Candy’s rise came with a viral video following her debut in March 2017. There is no question about her love for her job as displayed by her exuberance. She is a fraternal twin and despite having mixed feeling about her current job, her family is still very supportive. She hopes to extend her brand by showing her entrepreneurial side with a sex toy line coming out this summer. She initially obtained certifications as a Nurse’s Assistant at the age of 16 and plans on pursuing her dream of being a nurse.

Y. Millz has over seven years in the music industry. He boasts a month-long tour in Japan that led to current successful ventures. He has worked with Alicia Keys in The Gospel, at Tribeca Film Festival and Chris Rock, and has had performances at SOB’s and Major Stage in New York City and at events in Atlanta. In addition to his music career, Y. Millz also owns a clothing line, going strong for the past four years. His goal is to use his platform to motivate other creatives and provide a means of exposure through his website and wide fan base.

Tea with Chyna is incomplete without an installation of Hot Topics. She threw Y. Millz completely out of his element with questions, while the entire segment with Mandy Candy epitomized a whole pot of Hot Topics. Be ready for responses to” What is you favorite female body part?” and “if you could have sex with one celebrity who would it be?”


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Mitchell Project rappers sip a little TeawithChyna

This week’s Tea with Chyna was with two young, talented men Billiano Major, also known as the Cat in the Hat and Mack Major of The Major Movement from Mitchell Projects in the South Bronx. Chyna’s questions and open-style interview led the men to opening up more about their love for music and how their personal experiences shape their art.
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