Mitchell Project rappers sip a little TeawithChyna

This week’s Tea with Chyna was with two young, talented men Billiano Major, also known as the Cat in the Hat and Mack Major of The Major Movement from Mitchell Projects in the South Bronx. Chyna’s questions and open-style interview led the men to opening up more about their love for music and how their personal experiences shape their art.

She kicked off with questions to Billiano Major, a huge family man, with an undeniable love for music. Billiano is a rapper, songwriter, and videographer with videography being the ultimate career choice. He has worked with many young local artists especially artists from the Major Movement but would love to work with Lil Wayne and looks up to all the music moguls, especially new kids on the block Migos. Billiano Major gave the audience a drop of his talent before DJ Stylazz dropped his song Business with Mack Major. 

The tea is never lukewarm with Chyna’s hot topics ready to scorch your boredom away, which included, “what was one of the biggest threats to the black community” and “what are the pettiest reasons you wouldn’t date someone?” Billiano chimed in that fathers needed to step up in the black community and their absence is a huge threat. The producer and co-host O’Banga mentioned that the system is another huge threat to the black community, which they all agreed. She continued the fun-filled, upbeat conversation with varying positions on certain double standards surrounding cheating and women with multiple sexual partners. Things got heated with opposing viewpoints about being on the “receiving end”, and what they knocked until they “tried it”. This included talks of oral sex and other random, somewhat interesting, sexual experiences. 

Hot topics paved the smooth transition and chill atmosphere for Mack Major to spill the tea about his music career and his love for song writing. The South Bronx native held his own with witty responses and told of how he used his life experiences as inspiration for his music. His biggest musical inspirations are the late great Michael Jackson and R. Kelly, but Drake and Sion the Prince give him the motivation.  His goal is to find confident artists who are ready and willing to push forward and invest in them as long as they put in work. He debuted his most recent song Care For Me, inspired by his struggle with his brother. 
Chyna's quote of the week was :“old ways won't open new doors” 


Tea with Chyna is an O’Banga Production with DJ Stylazz on the ones and twos.  Tune in every Thursday 7-9PM on  

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