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A while ago, J.J. Abrams announced that he and his son Henry would be working on a Spider-Man mini-series for Marvel. While many thought this was a film or TV series, it actually proved to be a comic series. Now in what will most likely be a recurring thing, J.J. and Henry Abrams were filmed providing updates on their new series.

The video features some of the art done by Sara Pichelli, which also shows off the new villain Cadaverous. And in Abrams’ words Cadaverous is Spidey’s most dangerous villain yet because “the villain and his minions do some horrible things to the main characters early on in the story and they are going to have a hard time recovering from those things.”

That quote, on top of Abrams’ vision, along with the inclusion of his son makes this mini-series something to look out for. The release date hasn’t been revealed but it sure is something to get when it drops.

You can check out the trailer below:

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11 years ago, the first Iron Man film was just that-an Iron Man film hoping to breathe life into Marvel’s declining position in pop culture. That is until a post-credits scene revealed what was to come. But don’t take our word for it; let contributor Jarred Braxton reveal the outcome of the end game.

Check out his review of Avengers: Endgame.

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Mortal Kombat 11 drops tomorrow and the final roster is now complete! There were leaks about how the last fighter was already available, but it turns out that some work will need to be done to officially complete the roster. During the last episode of Kombat Kast, the final fighter was revealed to be Sub-Zero’s former protege-Frost.

Frost first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as a female member of the Lin Kuei clan to become the next Sub-Zero; however, when he finally made peace with Scorpion, she rebelled. Of course, after rebelling, she was defeated by Sub-Zero and banished. She’s now back in Mortal Kombat 11 and out for revenge; with some new tricks. After searching for more power, she becomes a cyborg akin to many of her fellow clansmen. These cybernetic upgrades greatly differ her from her former master.

In her reveal trailer, Frost is able to use her upgrades to freeze her surroundings. This allows her to increase her speed and range to ensure contact with the opponent. Her cyborg body also transformed her head into a bomb, which she throws like a grenade (she does have a spare head). During the Kombat Kast episode, it was revealed that Frost becomes playable after the “Fire & Ice” chapter in Story Mode (which isn’t that far into the game). Once she is available, players will only have to wait for DLC to officially complete the roster.

Mortal Kombat 11 launches April 23rd. Here’s the final roster:

Check out the trailer below:

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When Shonen Jump crossover fighting game Jump Force drops on February 15th, it will be the celebration of the publication lasting 50 years. Now to finally complete it’s roster, the last five characters have been announced.

Out of the five characters, only three are new additions. The first two characters to be added to the roster are actually the villains Kane and Galeena. They won’t be available at the start, but they are unlockable after beating the game’s story. They were designed exclusively for the game’s story by Akira Toriyama and revealed alongside Boruto.

The next new character is actually from the video game world: Dai from the game Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai. While Dragon Quest is a huge fan favorite RPG series in the West and Japan, Dai marks the first non anime/manga character to appear in Jump Force and is probably the easiest character to transfer over.

The last two characters announced are probably the most celebrated. Joining the series from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are Dio Brando and Jotaru Kujo. Just like in the anime both characters will have use of their “Stands”. Dio’s Stand (The World) can stop time and is a physical manifestation of all of his abilities (which include zombie and vampiric super-strength and durability). Jotaru is actucally from the Stardust Crusaders arc and his Stand (Platinum) can also stop time, but not to the extent as Dio. Ever since Jump Force was announced, fans wanted these characters to join.

Jump Force will release on February 15th! Here is the complete roster:

  • Jotaru Kujo [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]
  • Dio Brando [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]
  • Dai [Dragon Quest: The Adventures of Dai]
  • Kane [New unlockable character]
  • Galeena [New unlockable character]
  • Boruto Uzumaki [Boruto]
  • Kaguya Otsutsuki [Naruto]
  • Gaara [Naruto]
  • Kakashi Hatake [Naruto]
  • Deku [My Hero Academia]
  • Asta [Black Clover]
  • Boa Hancock [One Piece]
  • Renji Arabai [Bleach]
  • Trunk (Future Trunks) [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Kenshin Himura [Ruroni Kenshin]
  • Shishio Makota [Ruroni Kenshin]
  • Kenshiro [Fist of the North Star]
  • Ryo Saeba [City Hunter]
  • Pegasus Seiya [Saint Seiya]
  • Dragon Shiryu [Saint Seiya]
  • Yusuke Urameshi [Yu Yu Hakusho]
  • Togoro [Yu Yu Hakusho]
  • Atem or Yami Yugi [Yu-Gi-Oh!]
  • Killua [Hunter x Hunter]
  • Kurapika [Hunter x Hunter]
  • Sanji [One Piece]
  • Marshall D. Teach [One Piece]
  • Sabo [One Piece]
  • Gon Freecss [Hunter x Hunter]
  • Hisoka Morrow [Hunter x Hunter]
  • Perfect Cell [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Piccolo [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Vegeta [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Goku [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Frieza [Dragon Ball Z]
  • Monkey D Luffy [One Piece]
  • Zoro [One Piece]
  • Naruto Uzumaki [Naruto]
  • Sasuke Uchiha [Naruto]
  • Ichigo Kurosaki [Bleach]
  • Rukia Kuchiki [Bleach]
  • Sosuke Aizen [Bleach]
  • Light Yagami with Ryuk (Not playable) [Death Note]

That gives us a total of 42 characters (40 to start) and it was announced that there will be nine characters available for DLC!

Check out the trailers below:

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Breaking Bad truly deserves the cult status that it has earned. And despite the show getting a film sequel soon, fans will be able to prove themselves to Walter White in the upcoming mobile game Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements.

According to the press release player will get to:

“experience the complex moral decisions explored in the show, and the strategy elements will come from navigating those decisions while still running the drug operation successfully.”

On top of that, Gus, Saul and Mike will make appearances in the game with Walter and Jesse potentially appearing. Series creator Vice Gilligan was also in charge of development with FTX Games. The game will be released later this year.

Check out the teaser below:

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Recently the debate has raged on about Die Hard being a Christmas film. Frankly, anyone can watch the film during Christmas as it is relate-able (somewhat). So in honor of 30 years since the film’s release, Fox has made a special holiday version of the film’s trailer. Whether you agree or disagree, the trailer makes sense and Die Hard is a better film to watch than most holiday specials.

Yippie Ki Yay and a Merry Christmas Motherfucker!


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The Internet is amazing. And while I’d love to say that a random producer decided to mash-up Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid Man into a music video, the truth is that Lil Jon did this of his own free will. For some reason Lil Jon wanted to make a Christmas song, but instead of eggnog he drinks Kool-Aid. I’ve been avoiding stores and the radio so I wouldn’t have to hear the same songs again, but I’d gladly blast this on repeat.

If you don’t believe me check it out below:

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The third film in the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life has been stalled for years with the only major development coming from new directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah being picked to co-direct the new film.

On the flip side, NBC has green-lit a TV spin-off of the classic Bad Boys franchise, starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, but with the last film being 15 years ago; the TV show would need some major hype to perform properly for the network. It’s similar to FOX’s Lethal Weapon show needing references to the original films. Sony can finally rest easy as Chris Bremner’s final script has been approved and shooting has now been scheduled. Production is slated to start early 2019, but more importantly, the film has a tentative release date of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend of 2020. That’s almost two years later than the original planed release.

Despite the new directing duo, original producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be involved with the third film and Arbi and Fallah were behind the FX series Snowfall and are involved in the rumored Beverly Hills Cop 4.

We will finally get to see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together again!

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Yes, Sesame Street has actually had films before, but these were prominent in the 70’s and most of them were home video releases. Now that the show is under HBO’s domain (a deal that took place in 2015), an actual feature film with proper production can take place; and it will.

Warner Bros. studios, the sibling of HBO has tapped Jonathan Krisel to direct the upcoming film. Krisel was the director and co-creator of Portlandia which ran for eight seasons. The show officially wrapped up in March, leaving Krisel enough time to develop this Sesame Street film. Krisel will also direct the film and based on the script, the film will actually be a musical. That’s not actually a strange move at all.

There’s no word on the development process but the script was originally written by Mike Rosolio and is being updated by Chris Galletta.

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The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in some cases, the success of the Black Panther film is often taken for granted. Before Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Sony had a hit with their trilogy of Spider-Man films starring Tobey Maguire. Michael Jai-White also broke ground by playing Spawn, even if it was a one-off film. The MCU itself is only about 10 years old and if anything it was the Blade character played by Wesley Snipes that set the precedent for a superhero franchise and setting up a world within a universe.

It’s no surprise that the Blade character exists in New York City; it was obvious from the original films and it is canon in the comics. With the MCU fully embracing New York City and other locations in their films, Blade could be guaranteed to appear in the future. The Defenders series has crossed over the various individual shows airing on Netflix and even crossed over to Agents of Shield; which also crosses over the Avengers films. Due to this, Wesley Snipes has reemerged with talk of adding Blade to the MCU.

When speaking to Vice, Snipes mentioned that he has been developing a Blade revival over the past two years. Marvel President Kevin Fiege earlier this year also put his two cents in on possibly adding Blade to the MCU. No matter what form it’s in, Blade can work as a film or a TV show similar to Luke Cage. As someone who nearly played the Black Panther in the past, Snipes does know how to cater to that specific demographic as well. Marvel is also drowning in money, so a Blade revival could be capable of anything. Feige himself stated: “what we did before is child’s play compared to what we can do now”.

There is a supernatural side to Marvel that Marvel Studios would love to explore. Dr. Strange has technically already opened that door, but that just means a character like Blade can actually mesh nicely with the current status of the universe. There’s no definite form for a returning Blade character now and the first thing to do would be cast a lead actor, something that Snipes also claims will be hard to do. Snipes wouldn’t necessarily reprise his role as Blade, but he also can’t think of anyone else that could do the character justice.

Would you like to see Blade enter the MCU?

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The DC cinematic universe could clearly use some help. Instead of having Batman fight a villain, how about having him square off against a different type of vigilante?

YouTuber CameronCreates thought outside the box and decided to having Gotham’s caped crusader face New York’s Boogeyman. John Wick has hell to pay and he’s brought the war to Batman in this mash-up trailer for a film that would revitalize the current DC universe. Thank you Internet.

Check out John Wick Vs. The Batman below:


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EVO 2018 has wrapped up and a new season for fighting game champions has started. Usually new seasons bring new patches and character tiers and while the same is true here, a plethora of new potential meta-breaking characters have been announced.

Tekken 7 has actually revitalized the long running franchise, with stronger gorgeous visuals, a decently large and diverse cast and a revamped story that no longer feels the need to include the King of the Iron Fist Tournament the series is recognized for. Tekken 7 is also one of the first games in the franchise to fully embrace the concept of fun and alternative DLC options.

Bandai Namco had already released a season one pass that included Geese Howard from King of Fighters and more surprisingly, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. During the weekend, Bandai Namco revealed three more characters for their second season pass. The first two fighters are returning characters Nina Williams and Jackie Chan homage Lei Wulong. The third character is another crossover, this time from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Negan will make his video game debut as part of the Tekken universe!

While no gameplay footage was provided for Negan, it’s safe to say that Lucille will debut along with him. If Noctis was able to use his Engine Blade then Negan needs Lucille to even the odds. The best part is probably that Negan could be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. As to how he would play, perhaps Negan is a slow hard-hitting fighter with some gimmicky moves involving walkers. Considering his world, Lucille may not be his only weapon.

On top of such a surprise entrant, the season two pass comprises of six characters as opposed to two from last year. Including Negan is Bandai Namco’s version of throwing fans a curve ball, but with three characters left a greater surprise could be announced later.

The release date of the season two pass has yet to be revealed but you can check out the announcement below:

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Martin Shkreli can be accepted as an over-entitled asshole and can thus be written off as forgiven in the public eye; if he’s been arrested and sentenced then he got what he deserved. The crime Shkreli can never be forgiven for is hoarding great music from high level rappers (or even being a fan of hip-hop).

Shortly before being sentenced for securities fraud relating to his AIDS medication scam, jacking up the price of Deraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pop, Shkreli tried to clean house of some of his prized possessions (so the federal govenrment couldn’t seize them). One of these prized pieces happens to be a one of a kind vinyl from the Wu-Tang Clan called “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”. They recorded this album and auctioned it off with the proceeds of the sale going towards charity. Shkreli had bought the album in secret and took to his social media to gloat about his purchase. Hip-hop fans could do nothing but cringe at the thought of a scumbag white man holding onto a legendary work of hip-hop.

In an attempt at keeping the album close by, Shkreli made an EBay page listing the album for sale at around $2 million, however, the page was traced to an associate of Shkreli’s and the rouse was revealed. Shkreli does indeed still have the album (despite being in jail) and was recently ordered to forfeit $7.4 million as restitution for his investor fraud charges. $5 million out of that $7.4 comes from money he received through investments while “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” (valued at around $2 million) could make up the difference.

In a somewhat sharper twist of the knife to stabbed hip-hop fans is a copy of the unreleased Lil Wayne album “Tha Carter V”. Shkreli does have the only physical copy available due to Lil Wayne accidentally leaving the CD in a Bugatti that was eventually bought by Shkreli. “Tha Carter V” could also end up susceptible to seizure by the government, which means fans may get to hear both Lil Wayne and the Wu-Tang Clan sometime in the future. Here’s hoping they become public works available for use later.

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Deadpool has never been one to follow the crowd, which is why his first trailer for Deadpool 2 featured him paying homage to Bob Ross. Several movie trailers were released during Super Bowl L II with Deadpool 2 being strangely absent…until now.

In all honesty, the best time to release a trailer is to wait for a random Thursday after most of the competition has revealed their hand. Plus, this trailer is longer than not just the competition, but the previous one for Deadpool 2 as well.

The trailer features a confrontation between Cable and Deadpool, indicating that the two may be on opposite sides for most of the film (or Cable is tired of Deadpool’s antics). Also, it wouldn’t be a Deadpool film if he didn’t break the fourth wall and mock the Justice League film for how they handled Henry Cavill’s mustache, or did a parody of Toy Story using action figures controlled by Deadpool. Most of the older cast returns as well, such as Blind Al, Vanessa and everyone’s favorite cab driver: Dopinder.

Deadpool 2 drops May 18th. You can check out the trailer below:

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Fans of the upcoming Black Panther film (and of Kendrick Lamar) already knew that he was producing the soundtrack to Marvel’s newest film. After having his tracks featured in trailers and on the album itself (with “All The Stars” featuring SZA), the official track list was released with the the album cover on Twitter.

The album cover is literally the Black Panther’s necklace over a superimposed black background. With allusions to the power of black power on the album.

With the film being considered the “blackest” film ever produced, the album is suited to match the film in star power and culture. Besides Kendrick (who appears on five songs), Top Dawg label mates ScHoolBoy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul are featured as well. The heavy hitter appearances come from 2 Chainz, Travis Scott and The Weeknd while young independent artists Khalid, Anderson .Paak and Vince Staples appear as well. In light of setting an example, Kendrick features underground artists such as Swae Lee, Young Blackrok, Jorja Smith and SOB x RBE.

The soundtrack was revealed to have 14 songs with every artist revealed next to the song names, except for the song “Redemption Interlude”. With this in mind, Kendrick may be holding one final secret with “Redemption Interlude”. Seems like a super hitter might be the anchor on that track.


The track list from the back of the album.

1. “Black Panther”-Kendrick Lamar

2. “All The Stars”-Kendrick Lamar & SZA

3. “X”-ScHoolBoy Q featuring 2 Chainz & Saudi

4. “The Ways”-Khalid & Swae Lee

5. “Opps”-Vince Staples & Young Blackrok

6. “I Am”-Jorja Smith

7. “Paramedic!”-SOB x RBE

8. “Bloody Waters”-Ab-Soul featuring Anderson .Paak & James Blake

9. “Kings Dead”-Jay Rock featuring Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake

10. “Redemption Interlude”

11. “Redemption”-Zicari &Babes Wodumo

12. “Seasons”-Mozzy featuring Sjava & Reason

13. “Big Shot”-Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott

14. “Pray For Me”-The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar


The film releases on February 16th while the album drops February 9th through Interscope Records.

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Teen Titans GO! isn’t exactly a controversial series, however, it has started to ruin the credibility of the characters since premiering in 2013. Fans always proclaim that the previous Teen Titans series had a fulfilling story arc across all its seasons and tackled actual themes related to being a teenager in cruel world run by adults. In reality, the previous series was marketed for pre-teens while Teen Titans GO! focuses on younger viewers. When it comes to media, the child safe content always scores big bucks.

This is exactly why the Teen Titans GO! series will be getting a feature length film. A teaser trailer dropped showcasing the Titans breaking the fourth wall when it came to advertising their film. The producers at Warner Brothers appear to have learned from their DC extended universe mistakes and acknowledge that Wonder Woman has been their best film to date.

The characters also acknowledge their surprise at Aquaman getting his own film while claiming they need to live up to everyone’s expectations. The problem is, the series has turned off the demographic that would end up paying for the movie tickets (or Movie Pass).

Check out the trailer below:

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Konami enraged the gaming community when they removed all trace of visionary director Hideo Kojima from their history back in 2015. Kojima’s departure from the company was so hostile that he was banned from making an appearance at the Game Awards of that year; the year he won the “Best Action Game” award for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima was banned because his name was removed from the MGS: V before the game was even released and placed ads for a new game director to replace Kojima before Kojima officially left the company.

Adding more fuel to the fire was the announcement of Metal Gear Survive‘s announcement in December of 2016. Not only does this game stray far from the themes of previous Metal Gear titles, but it centers heavily on fighting nano-bot powered zombies; something Kojima himself has wanted to do in the past.

Despite all the backlash from Kojima’s devout followers, Konami released a new gameplay trailer ahead of the game’s open beta phase. Taking place between Metal Gear Solid: Ground Heroes and The Phantom Pain,  we see a more basic style of cinematics from the Metal Gear series on top of the core concepts of gameplay: weapon crafting and usage, the types of enemy zombies and development of base camp (a smaller, yet similar version of Mother Base). There are some elements of story involved, yet a game like this is practically devoid of any story (as most zombie-related games are).

Metal Gear Survive enters open beta January 18-21 and will be released on February 20.

Check out the trailer below:

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