Martin Shkreli can be accepted as an over-entitled asshole and can thus be written off as forgiven in the public eye; if he’s been arrested and sentenced then he got what he deserved. The crime Shkreli can never be forgiven for is hoarding great music from high level rappers (or even being a fan of hip-hop).

Shortly before being sentenced for securities fraud relating to his AIDS medication scam, jacking up the price of Deraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pop, Shkreli tried to clean house of some of his prized possessions (so the federal govenrment couldn’t seize them). One of these prized pieces happens to be a one of a kind vinyl from the Wu-Tang Clan called “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin”. They recorded this album and auctioned it off with the proceeds of the sale going towards charity. Shkreli had bought the album in secret and took to his social media to gloat about his purchase. Hip-hop fans could do nothing but cringe at the thought of a scumbag white man holding onto a legendary work of hip-hop.

In an attempt at keeping the album close by, Shkreli made an EBay page listing the album for sale at around $2 million, however, the page was traced to an associate of Shkreli’s and the rouse was revealed. Shkreli does indeed still have the album (despite being in jail) and was recently ordered to forfeit $7.4 million as restitution for his investor fraud charges. $5 million out of that $7.4 comes from money he received through investments while “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” (valued at around $2 million) could make up the difference.

In a somewhat sharper twist of the knife to stabbed hip-hop fans is a copy of the unreleased Lil Wayne album “Tha Carter V”. Shkreli does have the only physical copy available due to Lil Wayne accidentally leaving the CD in a Bugatti that was eventually bought by Shkreli. “Tha Carter V” could also end up susceptible to seizure by the government, which means fans may get to hear both Lil Wayne and the Wu-Tang Clan sometime in the future. Here’s hoping they become public works available for use later.

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