Spoken Nerve 7-26


Our night started with an artist named Braille who gave us 2 poems. One of them was very compelling which touched on not loosing yourself in your relationship, being careful who you entertain as a mate no matter how slick of a talker they maybe.

Carmen, who joined us from the likes of Chicago, gave a rousing performance that the crowd loved in which she spoke about real life of living in and urban environment. Living though the ups and downs , finding the good pieces and living through the bad. Pointing out the realization that it is us who made some of the shades of colour that we exist in and wondering and searching on how are we going to change it. Her second piece which was another crowd favorite was a number called “Motherless child”. This wonderful work of art speaks to the pain of losing someone as special as a grandmother. Capturing what they have taught and dealing with the absence after time has let them wither away from our hands.


Then came the FUCK Bwoy, Mr Blanco brought us through the trials and transitions of dealing women in today’s society the faults they play in his journey from turning from just a fuck bwoy to a man that wants to settle down.


Also to mention was two acts that captivated the crowd and spoke of the two sided spectrum of women. Lioness, with her soft spoken shy nature, spoke of being the other girl. The over looked girl, the one that does not catch your eye or attention at first glance. Her longing to be recognized, loved and not being secluded to a one night stand that you only call at 3am, type of girl. Then there was Bianca who’s bright red hair, gold shoe heels and reflective shades mirrored her boisterous character.  Her debut shared pieces based on overcoming and dealing with Domestic violence.

 The wonderful night was wrapped up with the musical styling’s of Eric who was accompanied by his Bassist who sang and played renditions from John Legend to Ceelo Green.






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