Ryan Moore Drops New Single "The Ishh!"

25-year-old Moriah Ormsby p/k/a Ryah Moore was born in West Nyack, New York and raised in Montebello, New York, a town in Rockland County. An engineer from the Bronx and an actress and model from Detroit, Moriah’s (or Ryah’s) parents, who’ve been married for 30 yrs., raised their children in a Christian home, where church was a must every Sunday for Ryah and her sister. At the tender age of 5 or 6, it was discovered that she could sing; very well. One day while holding her baby sister, she began to sing “twinkle, twinkle…” and Ryah’s mother thought the radio was playing the nursery rhyme. When she discovered it was her oldest baby girl, there was a domino effect of everyone around them also realizing the potential of Ryah’s talent.

Music had been all around her as a child. Not only was she exposed to gospel in the church, but also at home. When her parents would clean or just relaxing, they were joined by the sounds of Motown, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and more. Gaining the attention of a music teacher in 2nd grade, Ryah began perfecting her craft at a young age, but most importantly figuring out what could be done with the exceptional gift of singing she had been blessed with. However, there was something inside that made her feel she wasn’t good enough.

Many said she was scared of her own voice. Performing in church concerts and school events somewhat helped break her out of this shell. However, there were still moments she had to deal with the discrimination of her talent based on her skin tone versus her voice.  In 8th grade, Moriah was beat out of a solo for choir by a superficially talented peer despite her skills and performance. Yet, this did not stop her from continuing to share her voice and excels in the arts at school. She was among 6 students chosen out of 20 to receive a certificate of recognition from Apple for creating a beat with Garage Band. This was her first foray into making any kind of music.

Education was always instrumental in her upbringing, and most importantly, served as a platform for Ryah to share with her peers and their community. Ryah wasn’t sure if college was the way she wanted to go once the time came. She wanted to be a singer and that’s not something she thought to be learned. Her parents being very supportive of anything their children wanted to do would accept nothing less than their oldest daughter obtaining her degree before pursuing her passion full time. She agreed and enrolled at SUNY Purchase with a major in Theater & Performance, Acting Concentration and minor in Arts Management.

Prior to enrolling in college, Moriah’s mom introduced she and her sister to the acting world by securing a few solid acting gigs in movies and TV shows alike. Unfortunately, school had to come first and acting took a backseat. While matriculating at Purchase, Moriah decided that she wanted to change her major to directing. With no experience or prior instruction in the directing field, Ryah was determined to leave SUNY Purchase with a bang when it came time to do her senior capstone project. She left her mark by directing “For Colored Girls…” and it was the first African-American play directed by a student, in her program, at SUNY Purchase. Ryah received an award for her excellence, all while making history.

Graduating with a 4.08 GPA and her degree as a stable backup plan, Moriah left college ready to take on the world, but first she had to take on herself. Dealing with some self-esteem issues in college, she began to pour those experiences into her music once she graduated. Music literally saved her life. Describing her sound as Pop/Rock with some urban influences, Ryah Moore began the journey that she wanted to start years ago.

Working with Charles Perry, as well as many other vocal coaches, helped prepare Ryah for the studio and bring out her strength and confidence as an artist overall. This was instrumental in preparing her to perform at various showcases across New York City as well. Covering songs from various artists allowed her to find her own voice and play with her range. Moriah believes that finding the right team to bring out your best self and pushes you beyond measure is what takes an artist to the top.

To date her biggest musical accomplishment has been singing the national anthem for New York’s Elite High School Basketball Tournament, which took place at City College. Getting the gig the same exact day as it happened, Ryah learned to be present and ready in the moment. Wowing sports executives and receiving a standing ovation from the crowd, a buzz was created. She’s met with many executives from major labels who are all keeping an eye on what’s next. Writing her album and building a solid brand with her team is Ryah Moore’s main focus. Becoming more than a pretty face with a voice is key. She plans to incorporate her directing degree into her music career. All of the hard work and dedication she has put in thus far is just the foundation. Ryah Moore is an all around artist who wants to be known as a real person with a real story.   


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