Paid In Full: The 15th Anniversary

Powerful, edgy, intense is what they say. The three words used by TV critics to describe the movie. The streets say real, relatable, a true story, and definitely a classic. On October 25th, 2002, the movie “Paid In Full” was released. Starring Wood Harris as “Ace”, Cam’ron as “Rico”, and Mekhi Phifer as “Mitch” or “Money Makin’ Mitch.” The movie is based on a true story between three Harlem friends named Azie “AZ” Faison, Rich Porter, and Alpo Martine, during the 1980’s, who were notorious drug dealers. Of course, the friendship doesn’t last and things turn very ugly in the end but only one survives it all. Got himself in the game and got himself out in the smartest way possible. The movie is not only a reflection of the streets but it’s also a learning lesson. It can teach you about the realities of the street life and how real things can get. It can also teach you that the street life isn’t for everybody and for the most obvious reason, it’s a dangerous game to play. It’s a hip hop classic that never gets old. A classic that you can enjoy at night after a long day, eating Chinese food and drinking iced tea. Maybe roll a joint and smoke or too as well. It’s exciting, it’s funny, it’s interesting, it’s deep, it makes your head bop along to the soundtrack and there’s not one boring moment in the movie. Altogether, it’s what makes this movie so timeless. 15 years later, watching it is like it just came out. All over again.

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