Living Large: The 30th Anniversary

There was once an energetic MC from Mount Vernon. He called himself the “overweight lover.” His name was Dwight Myers aka Heavy D. Heavy D formed a group with Glen Parrish aka “G-Whiz”, Troy Dixon aka “Trouble T-Roy”, and the infamous Edward Ferrell aka DJ Eddie F. Together they were Heavy D & The Boyz. They were the first act to be signed to Uptown Records and on October 27th, 1987, they released their debut album “Living Large.” It was definitely a dope album but it wasn’t a classic. The singles “The Overweight Lover’s In The House” and the remix of “Mr. Big Stuff” were the only singles released from the album. This thirteen track had that 80’s new jack sound and sing along hooks and choruses with the block party energy that got things started and jumping. Although this album is personally dope to me, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression like the upcoming Heavy D projects that followed after this one. The production sounds too similar to each other too. Besides the singles, “Dedicated”, “Moneyearnin’ Mount Vernon”, “On The Dance Floor”, and “Overweighter” to me are the best songs on the album. The rest are just fillers. Sounds more like demos to me. For a debut album, it’s most definitely a good start. A good way to get your foot into the door. Come back harder with on the next few albums and with that, Heavy sure did. Reminds me of his appearance on “A Different World” as well. He was definitely living large. Rest in peace to the overweight lover himself.

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