Best Pizza in The Bronx for 2017

Pugsley Pizza (Credit: Nicole Levy/amNY)

We know when we post about this we may end up getting hate mail because so many folks have their own personal pizza joints that are their favorites but alas, these lists can’t accommodate every pizzeria in The Bronx.

But please forgive us as this list of the best pizza in The Bronx is from our friends over at amNY but do let us know which is your go to spot!

So who made the list? Well here you go (and in no particular order):

Tommy’s Pizza (Throggs Neck)
4033 E Tremont Ave

According to Gaetano “Tommy” Labue, he started selling pizza for 75 cents a slice back in 1977. amNY thinks that their plain slice is “…just the right ratio of low-moisture shredded mozzarella to tomato sauce to cornmeal dusted crust.”

Louie & Ernie’s Pizza
1300 Crosby Ave

This one consistently pops up on the radar and we cannot argue that this is indeed one of the best pizzerias in The Bronx. Not only have they been at the same location in Schuylerville since but ownership has changed hands since then.

Owners Cosmo and John Tiso claim that their thin-crust sausage pizza is one of the best you’ve ever had according to the post in amNY.

Sorrento Pizza
2004 Williamsbridge Road

Using cast-iron trays that are 60 years old, Tony Nardi is said to make an amazing Sicilian but hey, don’t take their word for it. Just try this Morris Park staple of over 40 years.

1082 Morris Park Avenue

And of course what would a list of the best pizza in The Bronx be without good old Patricia’s of Morris Park?

A good tip from the article: “Ask for a table all the way in the back, and you can watch cooks like Luis Piedia prepare your pizza through the glass partition between the restaurant and kitchen. When Piedia makes the crowd-favorite prosciutto pie from scratch, he tops it with fior di latte mozzarella (as opposed to buffalo, this wet, fresh kind is made with cow’s milk) before sliding it into the oven. He adds arugula, cherry tomatoes and chilled slices of dry-cured ham imported from Parma after the pizza has cooked for roughly three minutes. That brisk bake in extremely high temperatures leaves its mark as “leopard spots” — i.e. clusters of char on the crust — and a floppy center.”

Full Moon
600 E 187th Street

This Belmont pizzeria’s gargantuan slices will set you back $6 bucks and apparently you need two paper plates to eat this beast but they say it’s quite worth it.

Cafe Al Mercato
2344 Arthur Avenue

Right inside the Arthur Avenue Market, you can pull up here and order up a Nonna aka grandma which is kind of like a Sicilian but not quite. You’ll just have to try it if you haven’t.

Zero Otto Nove
2357 Arthur Avenue

And yet another Arthur Ave pizzeria on the list. I’ve had their pizza numerous times and can definitely vouch that they are indeed some of the best The Bronx has to offer.

The writer suggests: “Get La Cirilo ($14.95), which comes with housemade mozzerella, mushrooms, a decadent coat of truffle oil and one highly untraditional sauce: a butternut squash puree. The puree rounds out the flavor profile of this umami bomb with a tinge of sweetness.”

Mario’s Restaurant
2342 Arthur Avenue

Another Arthur Ave pizzeria? Hmmmm…Well this restaurant, which has been operating since 1919 spanning 5 generations, doesn’t advertise its pizza. It’s not even on the menu but you can order it.

What does the writer have to say about them?

“Mario’s plain margherita pie boasts a thicker, crispier crust than the standard Neapolitan kind — in part because it’s cooked at lower temperatures in a gas oven, rather than a wood-fired one. The very bottom has an almost woodsy taste and grainy texture, from particles of high-gluten flour. Migliucci’s family keeps the toppings simple: crushed Italian plum tomatoes, salt, basil leaves and square slices of a house-made “loaf” mozzarella that blisters handsomely when cooked. (“It’s not that shredded plastic-y stuff,” said Migliucci, 55, casting shade on the New York-style slice.)”

Pugsley Pizza
590 E 191st Street

We made it out of Little Italy…finally! Pugsley’s is just Pugsley. There’s not much I can add here beyond that they’re just a Bronx staple.

Kingsbridge Social Club
3625 Kingsbridge Avenue

So this one just opened up this year and I haven’t been there yet so I can’t rate it and I’ll leave it up to y’all. I have never even heard anyone talk about this spot enough to be even listed on best pizza list of our borough so please do tell me if I’m missing something.

Sam’s Pizza
232 W 231st Street

This Albanian run pizza shop (which is quite common here in The Bronx) has been around since 1946. The husband and wife team serve up the goods here.

Read the entire article over at amNY.

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