Marvel Comic has done it again. If you were one of the many children growing up in the comic book era with that favorite Marvel character, then this is the movie for you. The intense and complex storylines of each superhero is introduced to you with ease in a comical way, especially for those who weren’t able to stomach certain graphic scenes in several Marvel Comics. The writers give each character the power to intrigue the audience not just with the individual’s strengths, yet also with the growth of character development seen through the long list of Marvel movies that portray each character, even in the case if you may have forgotten who they were or never heard of them. After delightfully watching Avengers: Infinity War, it felt like Marvel has found the secret to not just grab the attention of all different types of audience groups without considering age or personal background. It felt like this recent Avengers movie had some spectacle “force” of it’s own, as such as myself, were able to engage with all the superhero having you to cheer and develop a new liking to all.
The movie is for all ages. Beyond the superficial powers of each hero and villain, you cannot ignore the magnificent theractial music that easily separates this film from the previous films of the same series, as even just listening to the explosions of beats will be well enough to lift you from your seat for more.
Every moment is filled with action and suspense. Did I mentioned unity? From one movie to another, Marvel has brought together casts from different sets and even cult like audience members to join up with fans of different superheroes. What began with just Captain America meeting Iron Man, brings you the cast of Guardian of the Galaxy and Black Panther all in one huge event. The audience is reminded of each superhero strengths and shown of their weakness, even the villain Thanos will captivate you with his hideous charm and army.
The graphics and special effects were so unbelievably amazing. In short: the directors made it seem like it was real and that everything was happening in real time. Taking the audience to different worlds and explaining its connection made the two hour and 40 minutes worth your while. Twist and turns of the film made everyone stay for the the rolling credits craving for more of the action flick, which Marvel is greatly known for. Did I mention there will also be a part two? From observing the claps and the stomps of excitement, you can best believe fans would reserve seats a year in advance just to see the thrilling conclusion of the Infinity War Saga. If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a must. Don’t be surprised if this movie gives you ideas to cosplay as characters this upcoming halloween later this year as young and old will become their favorite marvel character. Which one are you? Street Line gives Avengers Infinity War a rating of 11 out of 10.

Written Vera Edwards

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